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Purple Christmas Bulbs

February 2008



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Dec. 23rd, 2007




I got awesome loot from my spooky santa! A super cute santa hat (which my boyfriend found especially amusing), some almond roca cookies, , cute skull earrings, candy, extra long pink knitting needles (I needed those!) and the crowning glory...the APRON. I literally squealed out loud when I saw it. WoW! It has an embroidered patch on it that says "Wicked Princess". It's like she knows me better than my own relatives lol

What can I say, I scored bigtime! Thank you sooooo much pandorasbox
I love everything!
bettie xmess


girlghoul is an angel....

So I had this really crappy day yesterday....BUT...I get home and there is a package underneath my mailbox. A huge priority mail box for meeeeeeeeeee! What eees it?! It is from girlghoul!!! Awwwwww. Up until this point...I am having a crappy day and I'm really upset at myself for oversleeping and missing a final paper deadline and why am I even in school if I can't manage to do the work and hand it in on time and could I be a bigger loser??? And then there is this sweet thoughtful package from this sweet wonderful girl I have never met before. For me. I opened up the box and the card made me tear up. I had wanted to be part of the spooky santa swap, but mailed out mid-December? I knew I would be completely stressed then with school and too much of a procrastinator to get it done early and I didn't want to disappoint anyone...so I told her I just couldn't. And she decided that I would be the recipient of her spooky santa swap anyway. How sweet is that?! I just told her a few days ago that it would be nice if we could clone her because she is just so kind and giving and GOOD. And she thought of *me*. SO SWEET. Thank you, Jenn. You are an angel. I can't even possibly tell you how touched I am and how much I appreciate your kindness.

Oh, yeah...there was *stuff* in the box too! All wrapped in tissue paper with spiders and webs and fun to open! There were stripy tights, vanilla incense, lots and lots of lip gloss, chocolate, black gloves with glow-in-the dark dots on the palms, pomegranite handwipes, and 3 bracelets that she made with her very own 2 hands! I will take pictures tomorrow!!!

Dec. 21st, 2007



Thank you Lizbet!!!

You're an awesome Spooky Santa...

Pics behind cut...Collapse )

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