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Purple Christmas Bulbs

February 2008

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inyri_jax in spookysanta

My Secret Santa Gift

I'm really sorry for not posting this sooner. My life has done a complete circle and I'm still kinda reeling.

Anyway, my delicious gift knocked me over completely. When I get access to a camera, I will take some photos ....

But ...

My Santa didn't leave her LJ name, and I am not comfortable stating her real name on this public post. But ... inside my gift was a fabulous black crushed velvet throw blanket, and a GORGEOUS necklace/earring set. They showed up the day after family photos, or I would have worn them in the photos.

So thank you so much! I really appreciate the gift.


I'm the late one.... so sorry for the delay.
I'm glad it got to you and hope that the little bit of luxury to wear and wrap about you will help offset the late arrival. :)
I didn't have time to get crafty, but I wanted to deliver lucious tactile and visual pleasure. May you wear the jewelery in good health and spirits and may the throw warm you and look fabulous!
Who DOESN'T need a black velvet throw?

Happy New Year!
Everyone needs one says Pandora
You'll have to wrestle it from the grips of my swap recipient, and she's up Canada way!
I know her well and she is a friend. She needs the blanket more than I do.....She is Vancouver I am in seattle. 3 hour drive north for me hehehe
Or a three hour drive south for me. *hug*

Hubby wants to know what makes the black velvet so yummy. LOL should I share?