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Purple Christmas Bulbs

February 2008

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wickedsnicket in spookysanta

Thank you Aerogoddes!!♥ ♥ ♥

I’m pretty certain that I was the only one happy to be at work this Christmas Eve because my ever-so awesome Spooky Santa package arrived! My co-workers were subjected to much *squee*-ing when I opened it, everything was so cool!

spooky cute goodness!
Russell from Happy Tree Friends Wacky Wobbler, Mr. Hyde from Mad Monster Party figure and an adorable Barrel of Nightmare Before Christmas pin!
Check out Mr. Hyde, isn’t he the cutest? He fits right in with my other toys.

And last but not least I received a Sara Belle original, this beautiful scarf!
glam goodness! lovely scarf!

It’s so soft and pretty, the ruffles make me feel girly and regal. I adore it! This gift caused quite a stir among my co-workers, one even sent for the building’s crocheting expert so she could see it. All were impressed.

Thank you so much aerogoddes for the sweet thoughtful gifts! You are a wonderful Spooky Santa indeed! ♥


I was afriad you weren't going to get it before xmas - I had been waiting for the ebay shipment to come in (I got all 8 of the series of the figurines) and rushed it out as soon as I got them in.

I made the scarf at work and got lots of compliments on it and I have the pattern if your coworker wants it.

At least you're on time with posting your pictures, I took one pic and have yet to make an offical post.
LOL I enjoyed it too. I got my SS super early but still haven't been able to post pictures because work is so crazy I only hit the net on my phone, and its kinda hard to type.

I don't mind at all, I will friend you back too :)

These are the instructions straight from the thing:

Row 1: CH 121
Row 2: DC in 4th ch from hook, [2 DC in next ch, DC in next 2 ch] to end
Row 3: CH 3, DC in 1st dc, [dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc] to last st, dc in last dc (turning chain from first row) *I don’t really know what that mean so I just left that out*
Row 4: CH 3, (dc, ch 1, dc) in 2nd dc, [skip next dc, (dc, ch 1, dc) in next dc] to end

The chrochetters will know what all the abriviations mean lol!
what a fun collection of goodies, the scarf is so pretty!
Wow what an awesome Haul