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Purple Christmas Bulbs

February 2008

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Liz spooky spider

ladylizbet in spookysanta

I've been wanting to post this for the longest time, but I just haven't had the chance. I'm sorry if I seemed ungrateful by not posting, Mum's been in hospital, and I've been working full time, and as her carer, so I've been swamped. Things are on the mend now, so I've had chance to upload the photo. 


tempested_bird , thank you so much for the wonderful goodies. 

She sent me a beautiful purple scarf, which didn't photograph properly, it's a much more beautiful colour in person, 2 skelly candles, which are fabulous, a kitchen towel she had been hand embroidered with a sugar skull, a hand painted card, and a CD of  "A Very Scary Solstice"  which is a mix of Christmas carols with Cthulhu Mythos. It's taking pride of place with my Billy Idol Christmas CD, and my Twisted Sister, Twisted Christmas CD, hehe, I don't do traditional Christmas music, so I *love* this! :) 

Thank you so much tempested_bird


wow what a nice Haul!
I'm so sorry to hear that your mum's been ill, but I am glad things are getting better.

I don't like traditional Christmas music, either, so silly alternatives always make me laugh. Christmas + Cthulu was hard to go wrong in my book, hehe.
Thank you again, It was a wonderful gift. Did you embroider the towel yourself? It's fab!!
Sadly, I did not. I wanted to do it myself, but I did not have the time, so the lovely tea towel comes courtesy of a friend who has more spare time (and admittedly, more skill) than I have.