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Purple Christmas Bulbs

February 2008

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aerogoddes in spookysanta

I thought I posted this last week...

but I actually posted it to my own LJ and not the community.

I can't even remember when I got my spookysanta gift but it was the first gift I got of the season. I had opened the box in the parking lot before work and had every intention of taking pictures, haven't had a minute to breathe.

The first thing I found was the most yummy body wash that I could only describe as "liquid Halloween," because it had the most awesome spice smell. Next I found a tray of rock candy which was quickly devoured by my coworkers when I put it out on my desk. While I was hunting around in the box full of peanuts I heard a very family dog toy squeak. I squeaked myself when I opened a bag of goodies for Panchita - a pirate hat, squeaky coffin, and a pirate bandanna - it made me giggle because the bandanna would be a great blanket for the baby. I really wanted to take some pictures of Panchita curled up with the bandanna over her but I haven't been able to catch her long enough to get a good photo.

I thought that that was everything so I went to fold the box back up but it was still heavy so I looked again. All wrapped up in bubble wrap (which is like my most favorite thing evar) was a Panzy the Pirate! One of queeniex's creations. OMFG I've wanted one of those for like forever!

As soon as I got to my desk I took Panzy out and set her up at my desk...

This is the only picture of my spookysanta gift because I still haven't had time to really take any. Everyone at work picks her up and plays with her - a few people I've directed to Queenie's website - and it was an awesome SS gift.

Sorry nw_photochick and girlghoul for taking so long post - with life and this crazy time of year I haven't been able to sit down, upload, and post (only reason I was able to get to it tonight is because I came home sick from work).


She is a wee bit small for the hat, but I can usually catch her when she's napping and put stuff on her.

Sorry it took so long to post, these past few weeks have just been super crazy.
That reminds me.. if I send you a sweater that works for Pumpkin can you cut it apart to get a pattern? Then maybe make her some fleece stuff? Or something like that? I'd have to talk to Justin to see when I could pay you to do that. Oh crap and I finally got a measuring tape so I can eventually get her silly lil collar measured. Sorry this holiday has been crazy!

Heck I feel bad I forgot till today... :( I'm bad. I can't pay you till the first of the month, for anything because of that stupid car accident. But I'll write it down all over my "message centers" around the house so I actually get it done this time. *laughs*