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Purple Christmas Bulbs

February 2008

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A Solution

Hi guys,

This is Justin, Jenn's hubby for those who aren't aware.

As you all know, we've had a bit of an impasse here. Things got a little too stressful for Jenn this year, so she decided not to do the swap next year. At the same time, virtually all of you very clearly said you want it to happen again and you'll miss it terribly if it doesn't.

Jenn and I knocked heads, and we've come up with a solution to the problem!

Next year, the Spooky Santa swap WILL happen, as scheduled. The solution is, I'll be running it. What does that mean? It means Jenn gets to have her cake and eat it too. The swap happens, she can even take part as she sees fit, but she won't have to deal with any of the organizational headaches. I'm actually a trained professional in organizational headaches (I'm a middle manager for a corporate subsidy, I know all about headaches) so I'll handle that end for her.

What will change? Absolutely nothing on your end. The only difference is who the e-mails go to when/if there's a problem, and who writes you nagging e-mails/comments when you forget to post your photos or send your package. I'm not some big hairy ogre...okay, wait, scratch that, I AM a big hairy ogre, but I'm a polite one and I'm not going to be some Nazi-esque enforcer. I'll just be a buffer between Jenn and any stressful stuff, that's all. I handle that kind of thing better than she does, and I generally have WAY less responsibilities around the holidays. I make the money, I'm the self-propelled wallet for shopping trips, and I occasionally walk the dog or serve as tester for her baking experiments. Everything else is all her: the baking, the decorating, the card writing, the wrapping, the gift shopping, the works. (And that's how she wants it, it's not just the fact that I'm dreadfully lazy...even though I am.) If I can step in here and make this thing happen, my beloved is happy, you guys are happy, and everyone has a merrier Christmas, hell, I'm in.

So stay tuned in 10 months or so, we'll be ramping this puppy up again. In the meantime, happy new year!


YAY! Whatta guy! (see icon)

Great Idea :)
Glad to have you on board!
Hurray!!!!!! I will still do it next year, even though it was a tad stressful on my end. We will all play nice and make sure we mail packages on time, post pictures or at least post a thank you. If packages don't arrive, we will wait patiently until it becomes obviously late.
We will make sure to make this the best Swap yet.
I am happy you are doing this for Our Girl. None of us knew she wasn't getting a swap partner and it made us sad that she didn't get goodies. She deserves pressies!