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Purple Christmas Bulbs

February 2008

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Love the Booty

tempested_bird in spookysanta

Spooky Santa Haul

My apologies that it has taken me so darn long to actually post this; I have been insanely swamped.

Nonetheless, A few days before Christmas, I received my parcel from the lovely agentaeonfiux, I got a fairly large box full of fun little holiday goodies, one of which made me laugh myself silly for half the day.

The full haul included:
Gingerbread Hot Chocolate Mix (which I assure you went to good use, very quickly...)
A small box of chocolates
The Super Dooper Reindeer Pooper (a jellybean dispenser that caused many days of entertainment, it "poops" jellybeans which made the 12 year old in me giggle like mad)
A pumpkin spice scented candle
A CD of Christmas songs done in lower register piano (beautiful CD. I never thought I'd ever like "Jingle Bells" until I heard this CD)
A Christmas Tree Grow Kit
A sparkly brush
Wine Stem Decorators
A Suncatcher kit
A handmade necklace (which was awesome)

Again, agentaeonfiux, thank you so much! I thoroughly enjoyed your box of goodies, and it came on a very stressful day, so it was a welcome reprieve from all the nuttiness.

To the recipient of my parcel: again, a thousand, million apologies that it's so late. I had a lot of issues with the post office, so please don't think it was because I forgot about you! I hope you do enjoy your parcel when you receive it.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


::hugs:: I love my gifts, and I really enjoyed being part of this now that I'm done stabbing the post office. Hopefully, the fourth time will be a charm, eh?

She was great. She's got insane, zany tastes in stuff which is totally up my alley.
Yay!! :D